One to One Coaching


With the right support and accountability you can make great changes in your life.

I’ll help you find your direction, maximise your strengths, set and achieve impactful goals, release the mindsets that hinder you and end repeating patterns of unhelpful behaviour.

Together we will explore who you want to be as a person and how you would like your life to be. I will show you how to define and embody the changes you need to make and help you create the life you desire.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship in which you set the agenda and your personal goals and I bring deep listening, supportive challenge, accountability and the psychological tools and techniques to help you achieve those goals.  It is both a practical experience of being supported to achieve your definition of success and  a transformational experience aimed at equipping you to live your life aligned to your own core values and strengths. The coaching is just the container for the process of creation as we work together to change your life.

Coaching is about the specific new goals and changes in your life or work you wish to achieve. These goals and changes may be related to work or can be entirely personal. Family law supervision in contrast is intended as a relationship focusing mainly on  a family lawyer’s continued and developing experience of their existing work.  I only offer supervision to family lawyers because it may involve an element of mentoring in the specifics of the work being done. Coaching is available for anyone. There is an overlap in terms of the way I work  but the intention and aims can differ.  

I am happy to talk through the difference with you and to suggest what would meet your needs best if you would like to call or email me. I coach both family lawyers and those in other walks of life.

In the first session we discuss what your goal is and how we will work together. Each session we will discuss and work on the smaller stage by stage goals and intentions which together will move you forwards.  I often work in set of six sessions but the duration of our work together is agreed with you depending on your exact needs. Conversations will cover both what you need to do to get to your goal ( the practical tasks and decisions ) but also who you need to be. This means we will consider your values, habits, mindsets, fears, strengths, attitude to risks, relationships and definition of success. At the same time as you achieve your practical goals you transform yourself into the new person you want to become, a benefit of coaching which lasts for life!

I charge £150 per hour. I am not registered for VAT.  We can agree together how much time we should spend together and when  depending on your needs, but a package of 6 x 60 minute sessions therefore costs £900 and a set of 6 x  90 minute sessions £1350. Payment is in advance of sessions and I do not offer refunds although I have a generous and flexible rescheduling policy.

Coaching can be tax deductible if the content of our sessions is only related to your work.

My individual coaching clients have different needs but the common thread is that they want to achieve a sense of wellbeing, a sense of thriving, a knowledge that they are in the right place, doing the right thing for them.

If you desire a better future for yourself and you would like to partner with me so that we can co-create it, then coaching may well be for you. I coach lawyers but also many individuals from other walks of life.

The best way for me to answer that question is to talk with you to see if coaching is the right fit for your situation and if I am the right coach for you. You are more than welcome to contact me to chat your question through.

However, to give you an answer here, coaching is suitable for you if you feel there are areas in life where you are not reaching your full potential where you are stuck or you have unfulfilled goals and desires you want to move toward. It is for anyone who wants to feel they are living with purpose. Those goals maybe about producing something tangible like writing a book or getting a new job. However, they can also be more about who you are as a person – maybe you want to be more confident at work or to unleash the creativity you enjoyed at school but have pushed aside as you establish a career. It may be that you feel a level of dissatisfaction in life, know you want to achieve some kind of change but can’t yet quite articulate a precise tangible goal and that’s fine too. We can start the coaching by helping you to figure out what it is you want and go from there.

Either and both.  

All coaching is about creating vision for the future and supporting you to create that transformation.  Your vision may be related to your role as an executive,  the direction your firm is taking or your development as leader.  In that case we may work mostly with leadership models and discuss your decisions about business operations.  Or it may be that it’s about your personal life or the interplay between the two and the conversation is more about your personal sense of wellbeing, meaning and creativity. In reality, it’s rare that those two options stay in separate boxes. What happens in your life affects who you are as an executive and vice versa. 

That said the term executive coaching is also used sometimes to denote the fact that is is a company or employer who is funding the work. In that case the goals you work on are likely to be primarily work related and the funder may have input into the creation of the coaching contract and what the purpose of it is.. However, the individual client still remains in control of the meetings and the contents of the meeting remains confidential between coaches and me. 

Or you can come to me as a private individual for coaching for your own reasons and fund it yourself. if you are self -employed individual, obviously the difference is academic!

The short ( and very simplified answer) is that therapy aims to fix or heal a past experience that is limiting or affecting someone’s life now. It aims to restore your ability to function. Coaching on the other hand works with your existing wellbeing and  aims to get you from where you are now to a desired future point. It equips  you to understand your strengths and limitations and to form the new attitudes, skills and mindsets you need. Mentoring involves an expert imparting their own knowledge and wisdom in the form of informational advice and guidance. In  reality there is a complex overlap between all these ways of working with individual practitioners placing themselves at different places on a continuum and with the same key skills being available to all. 

My approach is that I will invite clients, with their consent, to consider their history for the purpose of shedding light on how their current patterns of thinking and behaviours have been shaped by their past. The purpose of this investigation is not to heal or change the past but to enable clients to understand how they got where they are now and consider if they want to make new choices in the future. I will, if appropriate, and only at the client’s request sometimes bring in an element of mentoring if I have particular relevant experience.

First, give me a call, or if you are more comfortable doing so, drop me an email. I am happy to talk with you on a free, no-obligation, no hard-sell basis to see if coaching is the right thing for you.

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 Book a free, no-obligation thirty minute chat to see if coaching with me is the right option for you.

 Have questions? Just send me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Existing client? Book an appointment with me now.

Considering working with me?

 Book a free, no-obligation thirty minute chat to see if coaching with me is the right option for you.

 Have questions? Read my Blog to get a feel for what I do. Or just send me an email and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Existing client? Book an appointment with me now.