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Research-proven benefits
of regular mindfulness practice:

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of taking time to notice what is happening within us and around us and learning to be non-judgmental about it all.  It is an ongoing practice of training the brain which multiple neuroscientific studies have shown structurally changes the brain for the better

What it isn’t.

It isn’t New Age woo-woo or attached to any particular faith or culture. It isn’t something that requires a retreat in the Tibetan Mountains or an unachievable amount of time each day. It is not about you emptying your brain of thoughts – that’s impossible! Rather it is about training your brain to notice the distracting thoughts but then be able to let them go and return to your point of focus.

Why is it relevant to modern day professionals?

Consistent practice trains us to live much more in the present which in turn enables us to notice with precision the stressors in our life. Mindfulness techniques then equip us to respond healthily to those stressors rather than allowing our brain to default to an automatic reaction. They also enable us to open to the pleasant things in life which we often miss because our brain is by default wired to a negativity bias.

Mindfulness is a way of taking advantage of the neuro-plasticity of the brain to train it to support you living with more balance and calm and taming the default stress reactions in the ‘lizard brain’. It allows us to become more focused at work, make better decisions and form better relationships. It is cost free and accessible to all.

How I can help you with Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be incorporated into my one to one coaching and family law supervision or see the details about my training below.


Due to the current world circumstances,  I am currently unable to offer my face to face training. However,  the uncertainty and change which we all face at  the moment make this an excellent time to learn about mindfulness. If you would like to talk to me about future bookings, I would be delighted to talk to you. In the meantime please call me to discuss your needs and whether webinar learning is suitable for you or your firm.

For law firms I offer short introductory sessions, half or full day workshops or a series of shorter ‘lunch and learns’ or after work classes.. I am also trained to teach the formal Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme, originally devised by Jon Kabbat Zinn at  the University of Massachusetts medical centre, which runs over an 8 week span for two hour sessions per week and which I present as particularly tailored to lawyers. 

For individuals I can deliver my training on a one to one basis ( this is particularly apt for the MSBR course) and you may choose to work with mindfulness techniques to help you with whatever crops up for you in your one to one coaching or Family Law Supervision session with me.

My training is bespoke designed to your firm’s needs and  covers such topics as

All training is a mix of theoretical (I look at the considerable research and the neuroscience backing up the efficacy of mindfulness at work), experiential ( I let you try out different ways of being mindful to find what works for you) and discursive ( we talk about your experiences of work and how mindfulness could help.) I am open to all questions.

About my training

I am an experienced trainer having been a conference speaker and deliverer of smaller seminar based training since 1993, working for all the main legal CPD providers and also the Judicial College. I am however a bad student myself if placed in a boring lecture with tedious power points, so I make it my job to provide training that is entertaining, thought provoking and filled with humour.

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