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Are you a ‘complete’ or ‘reactive’ planner? (And how it influences your success).

When my Father hit seventy the family took him to Berlin as a special treat. We booked a fabulous hotel, gave him the guidebook and told him that when we got there he had complete control over what we did. His trip. His choice. We forgot that my Dad has many good characteristics, but the ability to plan is not one of them.  After two days of standing on street corners trying to guess what might exist in the city to see and struggling to get group tables in popular restaurants, patience was running thin. Then one evening as we

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Is art too expensive to learn?

An alarming fact dropped into my email in box today. The cost of a Master of Fine Arts degree at Columbia University is now $74,250. That’s just for a one year course. Which prompted me to ponder me: Is art now too expensive for most people to learn? It’s not quite so much in the UK – an MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins costs £6045 or £15.165 for international students. Which rather begs the question whether Americans wouldn’t be better having a year in the UK than paying their own domestic fees.  However to start at undergraduate level and

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Jim Carrey painting

Will you know when you reach enough?

Jim Carrey recently announced his retirement from acting. At the same time he released a short film about his  love of painting called I Needed Colour  in which he speaks about the importance of art in his life.  (See the firm embedded below.) In an interview about his decision to step back from the film world he said: “I really like my quiet life, and I really love putting paint on canvas, and I really love my spiritual life, and I feel like – and this is something you might never hear another celebrity say as long as time exists – I

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Why our strengths can stop us even starting.

(And five ways to overcome the block) It was a great idea. I was going to write a series of funny, engaging blogs about the similarities and differences between law and art, between being a Judge and a creative person who now coaches both lawyers and artists and makes my own work. There was a ton of interesting ideas in my head and it was just a question of sitting down and writing that first article. This is not that article. This is an article about why its so easy to make it so *&^%&ing hard for yourself to start.

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How to beat Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel that you don’t really belong in the world in which you work? Do you lack confidence and feel like an, imposter only pretending to be professional? Do you feel you are not entitled to have your job title or the recognition you have achieved even though you enjoy your work and have formal qualifications? I’ve never met a lawyer yet who hasn’t had those feeling at some time and the more time I spend with artists I realise that the same is true in that world too. Which is not surprising as these thoughts and feelings are

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