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How to create a legacy for the world every day.

Would you like to think that something you did today made the world a better place? Even though you are at home in your slippers and yoga pants, all by yourself, do you long to feel significant?  Maybe it’s your whole career that you feel needs some sort of major upgrade so that you can feel you left a legacy that was worth all your years on earth.   If you do you are not alone. A survey by BetterUp in 2018 found that 9 out of 10 workers would trade a percentage of their lifetime earnings for more meaning at work.

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Have you been and gone and done it again?!

Are you beating yourself up because, once again, you have done something you vowed not to do? Maybe it’s getting so exhausted with work that you got sick the moment you took time off. Maybe you said yes to a request when you know that for your sanity you should have said no. Or perhaps you got all snippety and cross with that truly annoying co-worker when you swore you were going to be all sweetness and light with her.  We all do it. And irritatingly we do it in lots of different areas of our lives. We swear we

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Are your warning lights on?

The electric warning systems on my car have gone a bit bonkers. The parking sensors beep even when there is nothing but dust motes within two feet of the bumper. Random messages pop up telling me that my tyres have dangerously low pressure. At first I kept getting out of the car to check for unseen two year olds or wounded pheasants on the road. I made a few diversions to the petrol station to feed the air machine with fifty pence coins, only to find the tyres were fine. It was when the weight of a face mask placed

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family law supervisor, relationship counseling, wellbeing coaching, Mindfulness teacher

Extended court opening hours – the threat and the power of choice.

The statement in my inbox held no punches. The woman who wrote it told me she was ‘struggling’, that her ‘mental health was spiralling out of control’ that she ‘lived a daily nightmare’. As a Family Law practitioner, I am sadly used to tales like this.  What I am not used to is these stories not being about the clients of lawyers but about the barristers and solicitors themselves. Those descriptions of an intolerable life come from a criminal barrister who is describing her current experience as a working mother. It was written to explain why extended opening hours were simply

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