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Is the Art2Life CVP course worth it?

What is the Art2Life CVP course? CVP ( Creative Visionary Programme)  is an intensive, twelve-week art course run once a year by Nick Wilton and his team at Art2Life. It begins with a free taster beginning this year on February 13th. That freebie course has some good information in it and is fun, although I actually think it doesn’t go anywhere near showing how good the whole course is!)…

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It is time for overwintering

With the turning back of the clocks this week, my mind has turned to the concept of overwintering. Flocks of pink-footed geese and droves of diving ducks are arriving from colder places to the West. Gardeners are moving their agapanthus and cordyline plants into greenhouses. The beachside funfairs are pulling up their end-of-season tarpaulins and the local golf clubs are dusting off their tee box…

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