How to beat Imposter Syndrome

Do you feel that you don’t really belong in the world in which you work? Do you lack confidence and feel like an, imposter only pretending to be professional? Do you feel you are not entitled to have your job title or the recognition you have achieved even though you enjoy your work and have formal qualifications?

I’ve never met a lawyer yet who hasn’t had those feeling at some time and the more time I spend with artists I realise that the same is true in that world too. Which is not surprising as these thoughts and feelings are entirely normal for human beings! But they can be worked with until they become an old and helpful friend not an enemy dragging us down. 

Whilst this video  is tagged as being for artists it covers lawyers too. Or anyone really. Watch to see where these feelings come from and to get a whole toolkit of techniques including confidence files, visualisation, ‘acting as if’, substituting confidence for another emotion, EFT, and working with your internal ‘parts’ or voices’ to change these unhelpful feelings. ( And meet some fun sock puppets while you are at it!)