7 signs you may be ready for creativity coaching


You are overwhelmed. You have so many exciting ideas and so many tasks to do to get your art out into the world and so many demands on you from other areas of life.  You want to say yes to your art  but it’s so hard to say no to the things that distract from it. 

You want help to manage the stress and figure out how to create a creative practice that works for you.  You want to untangle the huge pile of possibilities and create small achievable steps o move you forward.


You are ready for the next level of your creative practice. That might look like your first solo show, or like starting to sell work, to teach or something entirely different. Whatever the next big step in your creative life, you are ready to commit and you need someone to walk alongside with you to support your dreams and keep you accountable.. Someone who has already been down the path you want to walk.


Your creative practice is fun and  joyous but you have no routine.  Life seems to push it aside every day. You wish you could be more committed and productive. You need help to establish a regular practice and a dedicated creative space.


You know making art or writing is a deep down desire, but there is something holding you back and limiting your achievements. You want to get over the fear and the self-doubt and find the joy and passion in your writing or art. You need someone who can help you listen to and change your unhelpful self-talk and mindsets.


You  have big plans for your work but the practicalities are letting you down. How do you go about finding a gallery or setting up a website or online course? How do you price your art, deal with taxes and run a professional studio? You need help with the practicalities, with knowing what to do and the order in which to do them.  


You suffer from perfectionism.  Your work is still inside you and you can’t get it out into the world. You need help removing the mental blocks and accessing the play element of creativity.


You are considering  leaving your day job and making writing or art your main activity. It’s a big scary decision and you need support.