7 signs you may benefit from coaching for lawyers

family law supervisor, relationship counseling, wellbeing coaching, Mindfulness teacher




You are overwhelmed. There are so many demands on you and the work never stops.  it feels like you are a cog in a broken system. This not what you signed up for when you dreamed of being a lawyer.

You want help to manage the stress and figure out how to create a practice that works for you.


You feel a fraud or an imposter. You seem to be ‘getting away with it’ at work and disaster has not befallen you but there is a voice in your head that tells you you are not good enough, that your success is a mistake. You want to gain confidence in your own abilities and to overcome the mindsets that hold you back.


You are a bit lost. You are mid-career and successful. You have built the life you thought you wanted and achieved your goals, but now it’s time for something new. You are not sure what the right direction is. You need someone to help you envision the next stage in your life and to help you design your goals.


You are considering the judiciary as a next move. You want to discuss what it’s like and if it is the right move for you. Perhaps the interview is coming up and you want help to think about your competencies for the application form.


You are a lawyer but your issues are not really about law. It’s more that the demands of the legal job are holding you back from another dream. You don’t want to get to retirement and realise that your job stops you living your life. You need help to create boundaries, set priorities and achieve personal goals. 


You are a family lawyer and you love it. You believe in service and making an impact in your clients lives.  You  want to create a quiet time so you can reflect on how you can grow as a lawyer and how you can give a better service and achieve a space in a busy practice to have time to think. You want a space to  process the traumatic and distressing material you deal with so you can remain emotionally healthy.


You are considering leaving law or making some other huge change in your life.  There are big, scary decisions required. You need a partner to help you navigate the route. Someone who has walked the same path as you, who understands what you are trying to achieve and who can keep you focused and accountable. Someone who can provide relevant information and support. 

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